Wright: Gunners need to re-sign Walcott now

| March 14, 2012 | 9 Comments


Gunners legend Ian Wright has spoken out on Theo Walcott’s contract situation and believes that his former club must act NOW to ensure they keep the English winger.

Walcott has grabbed headlines with his man of the match performance against Newcastle, and with his current deal set to expire next year, negotiations should take place soon.

Many Arsenal fans have grown frustrated with the Englishman’s inconsistency, but Wright has stressed that he is only 22 and his preferred position is upfront. He has a lot to give it will show over the coming years, but in order for that to happen the Gunners must act quick to secure his future.

Wright, who is a regular writer for The Sun, said:

We’re talking about a 22-year-old England player. I’m very excited about him, he’s fantastic.

People say he’s not consistent enough but I think the only reason why that is is because right-wing is not his natural position.

I think he’s a striker who runs on to things and getting in between central defenders he would cause havoc.

It’s paramount that they sign him up and get it done quickly. He’s going to be an England player for many years to come so the sooner they sort him out, the better.

He certainly has found form recently and is back to his dangerous best. The no. 14 can certainly inspire Arsenal to a top three finish if he can continue to deliver vital crosses for Van Persie and keep his opposing defences on their toes. Wright believes that Arsenal can beat rival Spurs to third place at the end of the season because they don’t have the experience of the Gunners at finishing a season.

Wright told Absolute Radio:

This is where their squad’s going to be tested and this is what I say to the Tottenham fans.

You just have to wait and watch them get reeled in because even Manchester City, with the money they’ve spent and everything, are getting reeled in.

Tottenham are having a great season, but the fact is they don’t know how it is to finish it off at this stage, which is the problem they’re going to have now. They lost against Everton, they got murdered against Arsenal and lost to Manchester United.

When you pull that many points back, it gives Arsenal more than a good chance of finishing above Tottenham.

Arsenal know how to finish the season and stay in that top four, while Spurs are still finding out what it is like to be in there, stay in there and the pressure of having to win games.

I think Arsenal know that and it has just been good to stay close enough to get the points where they can and now we’re one point behind and right amongst them. I think we can finish third, no problem.


The final season run in will be the most nerve racking for the Gunners in years with Chelsea right on their heels and Spurs one point ahead, but if they can keep up the form that has seen them win five league matches on the trot then they can secure third place.

One big deciding factor is the fitness of the players so hopefully with a bit of luck (for once) there will not be any major injuries to the starting players. Rosicky’s form has been nothing short of inspiring and with that has come Walcott’s increased performances because he has someone that can finally bring him into the game more. Fabregas used to do it superbly, but now the Czech international is able to activate Walcott with his precision passes.

The next few weeks can determine the rest of the season with some ‘easier’ matches for the Gunners against Everton, Villa and QPR before facing City at home. Where you think we can end up? Third place seems very much a possibility with Spurs on the down and Chelsea struggling to find top gear. I almost hope Chelsea manage to win in the Champions League tomorrow so that they have more matches to worry about..

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  • Patrick

    That we nrrd him signed up ASAP is unquestionable. The board needs to buck up their ideas and do this urgengly. The lad was superlatie last night and I am hoping that he continues in the same vein for the rest of the season. In the past he has given amunitions to his detractors by not living up to his billing. His recent vein of form has won every true gunner over. We love you Theo.

  • Mr x

    Ah, so now we should sign him. How quickly “we” change our opinions! I always thought he was good for the record.COYG

  • Davi

    I like walcott, but to be honest, he’s not consistent enough on the wing and he’s COMPLETELY unproven as a striker, and it’s hard to imagine him playing centrally in our current formation. That said, he is improving, and the doubts about whether he will ever reach the heights that Wenger seems to see in him are diminishing each season. If he keeps his head down, as he has been doing, he will get better and better, it seems clear now.
    So, it would be nice to see him sign a new contract, but at the same time, imo, we shouldn’t be held to ransom. He’s still NOT a proven, top level player, and it would be foolish to start paying people more than they’re worth to a greater extent than we already do. If he’s going to demand too much money, then he should look for it elsewhere. Miyaichi looks an even more promising talent imo (esp. given the age difference), Oxlade is rapidly catching up with theo now, Gervinho’s decent (could easily improve a lot next season as well), and if Podolski really is coming next season, then there will plenty of good options for the two wide positions, meaning that Theo is not so indispensible.
    He will sign in any case. The club won’t want to lose him and will give him a bigger contract than he truly deserves. They started paying him 60k pw before he’d even put back-to-back performances together ffs, so they’ve made their bed there.

  • Talib

    typical English bias…the guy is a bench warmer

  • Thetruth

    Only Arsene knows. The rest of us can only speculate and if he feels that he has enough options to let him go so be it, we’ve let better players go and we are still standing. Trust in Arsen all.

  • OnDGooner

    Unfortunately for your wish at the end, Chelsea won’t be going through against Napoli but was does it matter; they are not good enough!

  • Paul

    Guys you have to look at Theo the same way you would your WIFE!!!!!! Sum times she can really piss you off because she gets the simplest things wrong and you just think how the Fck did u mess that up??? And you think that’s it!!!! I’m trading you in for a new model luv sorry it’s over lol!!!!! But when u look back at the last few years it hasn’t been all that bad and the pro’s defo outway all the cons, sometimes you don’t realises a good thing when you have it and when Theo is on form there’s not many players that can match his abilities and most of all he is 1 of the players that loves arsenal just like ur misses always loves you lol Theo is always the last 1 down the tunnel after the match bcos he’s out there applauding US!!! So in closing I would just like to say THEO THEO THEO THEO!!!!!! QUALITY MY SON

    • Ben

      What an analogy with the wife. If mine is anything to go by, we are in some rocky road ahead. Why? Well, she left me for anoher bloke for a couple of months, came back asking for forgiveness and saying she had made a terrible mistake. Now, I am often baffled about what could be going on in her head. Of course I still love her as much as I did when we first got married.

  • tyson

    Ben, try Dr. Phil