Arsenal News: Walcott’s pay demands holding up new deal

| October 10, 2012 | 14 Comments

Arsenal’s chairman Peter Hill-Wood has revealed they have offered contract rebel Theo Walcott a lucrative deal already and they will not pay excessive amounts for the player.

Walcott’s deal expires next summer meaning he could leave on a free transfer at the end of this season, or a more likely scenario – he is sold on the cheap in the January window.

The England international has reportedly turned down a new deal worth £75,000 a week, making him one of the highest players in the side, however his representatives have turned down any such deal.

Gunners chairman Peter Hill-Wood believes his club will not alter or break their wage structure to play the 23-year-old an excessive amount, meaning the upcoming expected contract talks could well break down again.

Hill-Wood told the Daily Star:

We have got our general overall wage structure and we are not prepared to break it for anybody.

We have made an offer which he didn’t think was acceptable and that is the end of it. We think it is a very reasonable offer.

For the moment his people are still talking to us and we hope it will be resolved. But don’t ask me when, because I haven’t a clue.

I hope that he will eventually come round and sign. It will be a pity if he does not, but the whole issue of pay for footballers has got totally out of hand and they don’t get terribly well advised a lot of the time.

Walcott had previously expressed the delay in a new contract was football related as he is after guarantees that he will get game time as a centre forward. Whether this is still the case or if his agent is the one fishing for more money remains to be seen, but regardless he needs to sign a new deal and soon.

His playing time has been reduced among all the speculation and he will never be a centre forward unless he produces consistency out wide. If it is money he is after and is not willing to be receive a whopping £75,000 a week then go warm the bench at City or Chelsea and see how many chances you get as a striker there!

But personally I hope he signs a fresh deal soon as he has a big future ahead of him at the Emirates. He is only 23 years old and with Cazorla in the side he will be able to beat any defender to the threaded through balls the Spaniard likes to make, similarly to when Fabregas was in the side. He will become a dangerous centre forward in due course, but first he will require to prove he can perform consistently and sign a new contract.

What are your thoughts on Walcott’s contractual situation? Feel free to comment below or in the allArsenal forums under the Englishman’s thread.

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  • http://google roy

    Offer walcott 50 grand Wk ,he only plays half a game anyway.

  • Bilyaminu Tambuwal

    Walcott, stay at Arsenal and sign new contract, u will be only warming on the bench at City or Chelsea, Arsenal is where u belong, dont make a big mistake as flamini, nasri and otgers do, Up Gunners!

  • Chekwas36

    Offer him 50k,75k is too much 4 his type,if he refuses,then sell him..simple

  • davi

    75k pw is not just reasonable, it’s very generous. Does he think he’s worth more than Podolski, Cazorla, Vermaelen and Arteta?
    His wages were initially bumped up far too soon, and this is the result. We shouldn’t budge; if someone else wants to pay him 100k pw, good luck to them. He’ll end up in a Santa Cruz situation where he can’t get into a side, and no one else can afford to take him.

  • sam oke

    Afcboard are stingy,greedy its not not just Theo,RVP had this problem but they will not pay him bcos of their tight fist mgt while they have the money;that’s why they leave the club at a time we the fans need them,pay good money for quality players. Ivan,wenger fees have been increase why can’t they pay theo £100k/wk theo’s an asset in the team give him what he want and let play football for the club he loves dearly stingy mgt.

  • Sagir Mohammed

    If Theo decide to go,it will certainly portray him es daft.

  • goooner

    75k is reasonable but at times maybe we should go slightly above ‘reasonable’ in order to keep our ‘special’ talents. Theo Walcott is most definitely a special talent, he is different from any other player in the world in terms of his speed and ability to leave defenders chasing his shadow. There is definitely room for improvement in his game but those fans that say he is not worth really need to catch a wake up! The he scored our second goal winning against West Ham has been done many times. Last season he was our second highest goal scorer! Lets hope he signs

  • GoonerDave

    I bet, knowing Arsenal, that we must sell a deadwood to offer Theo bigger contract.
    We seem to be really tight on wages, our wage bill has skyrocketed. Knowing our board, the wage ceiling is the wage ceiling, and cannot be smashed, even temporarily.
    I dont agree with the principle, sounds ridiculous, but so was missing out on Mata for peanuts. So were all those contracts that were allowed to run down. I would not be one bit surprised if we actually have to shift Arshavin, Squillaci or someone like that just to be “allowed” to offer Theo 90K a week.
    Pathetic if true, but Im cynical when it comes to anything financial with the club. Im all for FPP and the sustainable model, but an England international, already on 60K, is surely within his rights to ask for a raise.
    I say sign him up with huge built-in performance bonuses. When motivated, he can win a match on his own.

  • vwc

    The irony is if he had agreed to 75k when it was first offered in april he would already have bagged an extra 2.8m by now. that is money saved by arsenal which means by next month they will be able to increase the.offer to 85k a week and over 3 years it wont have cost them anymore if he had signed the 75k a week deal in april. i have to be.quite honest i would happily let theo have the chance to replace chamakh bendtner or park then us sign zaha as his replacement on the wing. with chamberlain gnabry ryo and wellington all in reserve we could afford to lose arshavin as well.

  • Martins Agber

    Walcottis complicating matters himself. He says he wants to play for Arsenal and his grouse is not about money. Le Prof. has also offered to play him as a central striker with time so why is he stalling to sign? Let him come out more clearly and tell us what he wants before he regrets his departure,please.

  • cosmos

    Obviously, Theo is just doing a RVP stunt. he feels the need to utilize the opportunity to make maga bucks, afterall he’s the second highest scorer in the club after his dutch alter ego. Wish him Gd luck as he is sure up for grabs @ city/cheski come January. Trust Wenger/PHW for that.

  • Nick

    Ok, if Theo is asking for 100k/week and we’re offering 75k/week, the difference over the course of a 3 year contract = 3.6 million. Can you honestly think we could get a good Theo replacement on the transfer market for just £ 3.6 m?

    Theo has made the most of every minute he’s played for the club this year. Probably no one has a better goals/minute ratio than Walcott. He’s still young, and like any younger player can be a bit erratic. But RVP was right– sooner or later, Theo’s going to have a 20+ goal season in the EPL and I’d rather it be for us than City.

  • Nice

    Personally Theo does have a big future. $75k for him is good enough, 1st he is still learning and progressing, 2nd he has not shown the consistency needed in and our, 3rd he has agent trying to push their luck because as from previous Arsenal transfer, all trying to take advantage. 4th, we can replace him easily by signing another talents, 5th, its his loss not Arsenal because Arsenal is going to win some trophies this year or next year!


    I think 75K is good for TW14,he should understand that he is still growing and all that he need is to prove himself on the pitch that he is really worth the 100k, then we can understand his complains. What he should be bargaining for is playing as a striker