Redknapp: Cazorla is the signing of the summer!

| October 1, 2012 | 8 Comments

Former Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has hailed the signing of Spaniard Santi Cazorla saying that the little maestro is on par with ex-Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas.

As well as praising his ability, the Englishman also considered the deal for Cazorla the top transfer this summer with Arsenal getting the Spaniard for a very modest £16m.

Redknapp wrote in The Sun:

He first really caught my eye a couple of years ago in a pre-season game, when he was still with Villarreal.

They came to Tottenham for a pre-season game and he absolutely ran the show — he was fantastic.

I really wanted him at White Hart Lane after that and he was always top of my list to bring to Spurs, but we never managed it.

Cazorla is a superb footballer and I think Arsenal have got a real diamond. However much they got for Cesc Fabregas, £40million or whatever it was, they have managed to replace him for less than half the money.

I am a huge fan of Cesc, but I honestly don’t think there is anything between the two of them. They’re both top Spanish internationals — and Cazorla will be a truly great signing for the Gunners.

Probably the best one any side made this summer, in my opinion.

I must say, from the first few games Cazorla has had for the Gunners he has really impressed with his vision, work rate and ability to carve out genuine goal-scoring opportunities on a regular basis.

The little Spaniard created a massive 18 goal scoring opportunities up until last week in the Premier League and has been the creative centre for Arsenal so far this season.

Perhaps the only thing that has been missing from his skill-set so far the season has been his ability to finish, but hopefully it will click soon enough. I definitely like how he isn’t afraid to have a ping from long-range, particularly as it is a option Arsenal have largely overlooked in recent seasons.

In terms of comparisons to Fabregas, I would say it is much to soon to compare the two, but there is little doubt that Cazorla is definitely the most creative player we have had since Fabregas departed the Emirates. On a side note, it is also good to hear Redknapp give credit where credit is due.

What do you guys think? Do you rate Cazorla on par with Fabregas? Feel free to leave a comment below or discuss this topic in the forums in the Santi Cazorla thread!

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  • Dingusindiso

    although fabrigas was a regular goal getter, l think carzola will be remember for better footballing than fabrigas.l think we are yet to witness his best.

  • squadrondavid

    Think Carzola ȋ̝̊̅ڪ a complete footballer and as par with Fabregas Ȋ̝̊̅̄ f̶̲̅ №†̥ better in ♏v̶̲̥̅ opinion

  • Crimson

    I wish people would stop jumping the gun. People were claiming Diaby had finally arrived only to see him limp off on Saturday.

  • con-kamp

    I think I prefer carzola!yes fabregas was and is still top quality but I love a player who can shoot..there have been times we have passed the balls with no end product but its now good to knw that we have another outlet in a carzola the etihad stadium equaliser coming from his shot! He is also quicker than fabregas..I have to say,I prefer carzola for those two attributes..pace and shooting

  • kayko

    Cazorla On par with fabregas. Not yet though. I think the best of him is yet to come. But no doubt a fantastic footballer

  • Mimi

    An overrated 27 years old,who was severely handicapped against chelsea.

    • petie

      you’re an overrated football fan who is just stupid enough to judge a player from just one game….In my opinion,your criticism is as dumb as the mind where its from!

  • asraf gooner

    I’m a big fan of Cesc Fabregas. That guy really damn good, he got a real good vison. Same goes to Super Santi. I do think they both are at the same par. Spanish midfielder, no one argue with their quality. Peace :)