Szczesny: Spurs do not have the quality for the Top Four

| May 7, 2013 | 8 Comments

Gunners goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has taunted rivals Tottenham Hotspur, claiming they “do not have enough quality” to finish in the top four.

A late Gareth Bale winner gave Spurs a 1-0 victory over Southampton despite an uninspired performance however they remain fifth with both Arsenal and Chelsea collecting 1-0 wins.

Tottenham and Chelsea are set to face each other in midweek which will either tilt the race for third and fourth to one side or create an even tighter race. The Gunners are not to play again until Tuesday against Wigan, so if results go their way some pressure could be relieved.

Szczesny is happy for more 1-0 victories in their remaining matches if that means a top three finish, in which he believes rivals Spurs simply do not have the quality to reach.

The Polish international told Arsenal Player:

I was convinced that Tottenham had drawn 0-0 against Southampton. I only found out after the game that they had won 1-0, but I don’t think it matters really.

If we win our next two games it will be enough because either Chelsea or Spurs will drop points because they play each other. If you look at Chelsea’s fixtures, they have Tottenham and Everton left and they won’t be easy games – and Tottenham do not have enough quality, so there you go…

I’d settle for another two 1-0s for the rest of the season and a place in the top three. Hopefully we can keep it going. Even if a game like this is boring at times, we couldn’t care less at this time. We just want to get the three points and go back home.

Szczesny certainly has a point, Spurs have once again stumbled at the final hurdle in the latter stages of the League. Arsenal have demonstrated maturity and quality over the past few months that have transformed them into the most in-form side in England. It is very encouraging for next season but first they must win their two last matches – Wigan and then Newcastle.

If Szczesny and his backline continue to provide the defensive resilience that have brought them numerous amounts of clean sheets then they will be in good stead for a top four or maybe a third place finish if results go their way. The most ideal situation is for the match between the Spuds and the Chavs to end in a draw, then Arsenal can push for third, meaning no UCL qualifying.

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  • Galway Gooner

    Schz should learn to keep his mouth shut and focus on his own performances. He is no where near top 4 quality himself and the sooner we buy a proper keeper the better!

  • wengerpeado

    This comment has been edited as it was horribly foul-mouthed and must’ve been written by a Spud.

  • woody

    Ha ha,Szczesny is always making comments like that about Spurs, maybe he thinks that it will make the fans love him so much that they won’t realise he’s a terrible keeper.

  • Kevin Weaver

    I’m an Arsenal fan who thinks Szczesny should keep his big ignorant mouth shut. He’s only the in the team because Fabianski got injured. He’s been pretty poor this year. And, for his information, if Spurs beat Chelsea, then Spurs and Chelsea win their final two matches, we will be 5th even if we beat Wigan and Newcastle.

  • superspurs

    hes a fukin joke come on you spurs

  • Pius G.

    Are these idiots really Arsenal supporters making these comments or some shameless spuds pretending to be gunners?

    Szczesny has been great for most of the season, for crying out loud! A time there was when all gunners felt Szczesny was irreplaceable and everyone called him one of the most passionate Arsenal fans whenever he, along with Wilshere, Frimpong and Vermalean hyped the Arsenal. Today he is sour grapes? Because he just passed thru the usual dips that all footballers go thru and we call him shit? Forgetting all the great saves he made in very difficult games to get us to where we are today? Crazy! Crazy!

  • Pole of Shite !

    ‘If we win our next two matches it will be enough because Tottenham & Chelsea will drop points as they play each other’ …
    So not only is he a loud mouth but he’s also a fool..
    Spurs & Chelsea have played a game less… If Spurs win & both go on to win both of following matches .. What you do in your matches would count for nothing.
    38 games not the hardest math. BBC have even done a predictor to work it out for you.
    Now go crawl back to your hole !

  • Josif

    Sczszesny saved two points for Arsenal against Sunderland, QPR and Fulham away respectively while his saves were the main reasons we remained undefeated at Villa Park and Goodison Park as well.

    Still, I have to agree that this kind of comments – although amusing to be heard – are less important than speaking on the pitch.