Liverpool 4 v 0 Arsenal: Half Time Analysis.

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Liverpool v Arsenal

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Liverpool vs Arsenal
Barclays Premier League
Kick off:
 February 08, 2014 12.45 PM BST


The first game of Arsenal’s tough period started today, facing Liverpool at Anfield. And in all honesty, we couldn’t have possibly had a worse start. It seemed as if Arsenal just decided not to turn up at all, and judging by the first 20 minutes of game play, not turning up and forfeiting the match would have been far kinder on our goal difference.

Liverpool came out of the gates at full pace. In the opening minute Mertesacker was completely unaware that Suarez was running in behind him. The big German fouls the Uruguayan giving Liverpool the chance to whip one in. Arsenal have a history of being poor at set pieces, but it seemed like we had been getting better. There were hints of offside from the delivery, but nothing was given, and Skrtel knocked Gerrard’s ball past Szczesny with his thigh. Terrible start for Arsenal. 1-0 Liverpool.

Shortly after Liverpool earned a corner, and Arsenal looked all at sea once again. Another Gerrard delivery, Skrtel given acres of space by Koscielny, and looping a header from quite far out into the top corner. Szczesny and the man on the post (Chamberlain) unable to get near it.

These goals visibly rattled Arsenal, and the team really began to fall apart. No one in midfield was able to hold onto it, players were giving the ball away under no pressure whatsoever, and just letting the Liverpool midfield stroll past them through the middle. Özil was being very sloppy on the ball, trying to be too clever in a dangerous position, and starting a Liverpool counter. Suarez drove down our left side where Monreal was caught way out of position, and squared a ball across goal where the home side were lining up to tap it in. Sterling was there first and had an easy job putting it into the back of the net. 3-0 Liverpool.

Arsenal were playing high up the pitch, foolish against the pace of Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling. And our midfield was putting no pressure on their ball players. Özil again gave the ball away, and again Liverpool came at us on the counter. Sturridge was played through the middle easily, and his pace doing the rest; Koscielny and Mertesacker nowhere to be seen. One on One with Szczesny, curled around the keeper and into the net for 4-0.

Sadly these were just the goals, there were countless other chances for Liverpool to increase their lead, and no such chances for Arsenal. Sturridge had another one on one with Szczesny which he put wide, and Suarez almost destroyed the post with a fantastic long range shot.

Arsenal really need to step it up in the second period, a mirror of our 4-4 with Newcastle or the Capital One Cup match against Reading would be ideal.





Sagna   Mertesacker   Koscielny  Monreal

Wilshere       Arteta(c)


Chamberlain         Cazorla



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  • Me

    Well done Ozil for another mesmerising performance for Arsenal today – can someone tell me what he actually does for Arsenal ? Well done to Wenger for top tactics and an exciting foray into the January transfer market by buying a player who was both injured and past his best and who plays in a position which didn’t even need strengthening to begin with. Another three years of excuses and calamity for Arsenal with Wenger in charge and roll on United on Wednesday when he makes yet another monumental screw up..

    • chrid

      We ll allRemember this game as the one that ended our season again.
      Thanx Wenger for not strenghtning the squad in January even though is best players were out injured, thanx Wenger for not spending the money On a top class striker instead of an arrogant midfielder(ozil) who plays when he feels like and for not buying a proper holding midfielder.

  • TAR

    Arteta, Ozil, Monreal….useless, the 4-3-3 tore arsenal apart…too complacent, no defensive midfielder…areteta shud just retire, too slow, first goal he shudv headed, but instead wants to use his leg…defended too deep firs half cos the pace of the game was to fast for him….sad. Wenger didnt buy smart cos of this quality…he bought an injured player…sis, poor performance…

  • DaBarge

    Wenger has a terrible history for losing games that we need to win and today is another example why signing him up for three more years was perhaps not so well advised. Yes we are top but the games ahead are very tough and there is no way that we can stay there. Fourth is where we will finish and we won’t win either the FA Cup or CL. Nine years of nothing and people will still give their support to Wenger. I just don’t understand this myself…

  • Verity

    Tactics wrong again, just like in the game at City. Even if you concede a goal early you need to remain tight of 15mn before you try and open up to play. Arsenal makes the same mistake again because Wenger overrates his team. They cannot withstand high pressure on the ball because Arteta and Per are two slow on the ball, so transition is slow. Ozil p*** me off. Doesn’t help to keep the ball and loses the ball too easily and does not defend with commitment. He should never have started and should not start in the big games. He is a weak character despite his talent of ball-passer. Lesson learned: Arsenal cannot play when you press them high up, e.g. Southampton, Napoli-away, Man City, Liverpool-today, to name but a few.

  • GMV8

    Gibbs should’ve been on to start with – why on earth Wenger is playing Monreal is beyond me. It’s been building up ever since he’s started this strategy – even against sides not so strong in attack. He knew they would come out quickly and do this, as they did with Everton – we needed Gibbs’s speed to counteract, and a referee that’s able to spot offside. Once we’d ridden that out then we could play our game. We’d already been given a lifeline for the premiership on Monday, I can’t see us getting another one. Yes Flamini was a vital miss, and we’ve had a lot of bad luck with injuries but Wenger should’ve strengthened in January, we are missing our speed – Walcott is a huge loss, more so than Ramsey I’d say. Wenger is still the best man for the job – you don’t know how much his hands are being tied by the board, and maybe he thinks he has to rest Gibbs for the tough matches ahead – think we should concentrate more on removing Kronke than Wenger.

  • Madu

    I expected total comeo, but it was’nt it atall. We need Arshevin back to do miracle for us.Not good for us, we will strogle for top4 again this season, nt winning bpl. Up gunners

  • waiyuen leong

    From the game just played against Liverpool, I can sum up that Arsenal can not cope up with fast attack similar with the game against Manchester City where Arsenal were beaten 6-3. Arsenal defence was slow so much so Liverpool outwitted them with 4-0 in the first half all on counter attack. Liverpoo’s marking was very tight giving no room for the wings to push up the ball. Liverpool’s goalkeeper was not stretched throughout the game. With this kind of play,I am pessimistic this year will be another trophyless year for Arsenal.


    To be sincere, Arsenal will need another manager if we ever hope to win anything. Wenger has tried for the club but his tactics are completely ineffective against big teams. He got it wrong again today. Once I saw the team list, I knew it was a bad day. Monreal, Wilshere and Ox shouldn’t have started the game. Ask for Giroud, he is not a good striker and has no business in Arsenal team. It is unfortunate Arsenal fans are in for sorrows. Please brace up for more agony as we play, Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Bayern and other big teams. Wenger is not it and I want anybody to dispute that.

  • Yero S Sabaly

    Hello Gonners
    This is our result as I indicated last week that Arsenal is not really ready for trophy. It is Only mad Wenger who believe that the team can and you know as saying hoes lie is fat visus truth is thin but truth always win. We should believed in unbelievables. Eight good years the same false comments and today Arsenal will be third where they will be struggling to win to third or fourth position as usual, because Chelsea and City are serious in their business.

    It was said that Giroud is not near any serious striking option for Arsenal. If Wenger wants to do favor for Giroud then let him compromise the Arsenal interest as always being his philosophy. Absolutely Wenger has tried over but he should be honest to himself not to extend his contract any more. It is really disgusting to see Arsenal trailed 5 goals and even just luch otherwise 7 goals would have been the result.
    How foolish is a team like Arsenal to sign a player to just to satisfied fans knowing fully he cannot be any use to Arsenal. So this shows how unserious is Arsenal management who think of themselves only regardless of how fans feel who pay for the tickets, go hungrily after the team supporting, all around the continent. So
    Why is this happening Arsenal to lost at Mancity, Man U and Liverpool, draw with Chelsea at home, lost to Aston villa at home, draw at home with Everton. This is horrible performance and Wenger wants fans to believe the team any how and here we are.
    I hope Wenger be sack with immediate effect.
    Thanks once again