Arsenal Blog Opportunities are hiring!


We are seeking quality writers to join our team to produce regular articles alongside our growing team.

We are looking to fill the following positions:

  • Intern.
  • Regular opinion and tactical columnist.
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook) poster.

Please send us some details about yourself and a test article (350-500 words) on a subject of your choice to:

Email: [email protected]


The allArsenal team

4 thoughts on “Arsenal Blog Opportunities

  1. Regular opinion and tactical columist is where i want to dwell. I am a passionate fan of arsenal fc but a realistic and analytical football lover. I have a good knowledge of the game and the cllub in particular which i know will serve well for our supporter and reader of this site.
    I be that knowledge is better served when shared.

  2. I am an avid football enthusiast and have been following arsenal closely for 20 odd years. I believe my in-depth knowledge of the game and Arsenal football club, will stand me in good stead of being a good regular opinion and tactical columnist. I believe is a solid club with good trad ion that has been instilled by the pragmatic nature no Wenger. However, it also needs to diversify it’s style to suit the times, and the opponents they play against. Arsenal will clearly benefit from a 4-4-2 system of play with use of wingers supported by wing backs, and having pacy attackers and tall strikers as their targets.wing backs like Monreal and ballerina as well as wingers like ox and Walcott as well as Iwobi are capable of providing much desired support to Sanchez, Giroud and even Perez.

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