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16 thoughts on “Arsenal Blog Opportunities

  1. Regular opinion and tactical columist is where i want to dwell. I am a passionate fan of arsenal fc but a realistic and analytical football lover. I have a good knowledge of the game and the cllub in particular which i know will serve well for our supporter and reader of this site.
    I be that knowledge is better served when shared.

  2. I am an avid football enthusiast and have been following arsenal closely for 20 odd years. I believe my in-depth knowledge of the game and Arsenal football club, will stand me in good stead of being a good regular opinion and tactical columnist. I believe is a solid club with good trad ion that has been instilled by the pragmatic nature no Wenger. However, it also needs to diversify it’s style to suit the times, and the opponents they play against. Arsenal will clearly benefit from a 4-4-2 system of play with use of wingers supported by wing backs, and having pacy attackers and tall strikers as their targets.wing backs like Monreal and ballerina as well as wingers like ox and Walcott as well as Iwobi are capable of providing much desired support to Sanchez, Giroud and even Perez.

  3. Arsenal FC is the team of my heart and ibelief ihave the ability to make heartfelt comments on facebook for togetherness of our fans_watira philip(uganda)

  4. This post-opportunity gave me a prickling thought and in reflex and in bare foot, i kicked (just like AW did in frustration to an innocent bottle in years back, though he was punished) and realised i had nothing in my front to vex on. Though my kick was not in frustration to AW not presenting us die-hard laudable Arsenal fc fans a much awaited and deserving trophies (especially CL CUP) but my short lived was towards my phone which gave me much difficulties (as im sweating trying to type each words cos of its bad screen) strolling back and forth deleting and retyping, a pity. which i can get a new one in time to apply fr this desired post. as i love to write. Pls inform AW not to pair OZIL and GIROUD against chelsea cos we are short in the mid field. thanks host

  5. Hello, is this a paid position. I have a good writer who’s strongly seeking a position such as this where she can unleash her writing skills. Kindly give a reply to my mail address.

  6. I’m an avid Arsenal soccer fan from Africa ,Zimbabwe in particular in Harare the capital. Having started following our great beloved team since 1996 as a teenager,I am a passionate fan of arsenal fc but a realistic and analytical football lover. I have a good knowledge of the game and the club in particular which i know will serve well for our supporter and reader of this site.I research a lot about the beautiful game of soccer so if given the chance i can help develop the site and hope to recruit more fans from this side of the world using social media platforms like facebook,twitter and so on

  7. First and foremost, I love Arsenal F.C with a passion for so many reasons. They certainly play the beautiful game- they invented it!!! I love the Manager and what he’s achieved in his 21 years with his devotion to football for the games sake and not for personal glory. Arsenal’s team are like a family, they really care about and enjoy each other’s company which is vital off the pitch. I have a good command of the English language and a profiling sense of humour. I am a female but would love to be considered for this post ⚽🏃🏻 x

  8. As someone who has wanted Arsene Wenger gone for many years already, I find the hold he still has on so many -even though they are now clearly in a minority- very odd and impossible to comprehend. There is no doubt that Arsene Wenger has an aura around him, which is partly because of thre way he speaks and largely because of his wondeul success over a decade since. But this aura is no reason to want him to stay on as manager. He is , it is widely accepted, an intelligent man and I agree with this. But he is also , in my considered opinion -and I speak as someone who started attending back in 1958, so I have earned my right to speak– a totally selfish man who puts his own junkie need to be a manager way ahead of what is sensible and right for the club’s future. Twenty years ago he was way ahead of the then current football thinking. Now he is clearly way behind other younger and more dynamic, in touch with reality, managers. It is quite clear to the majority of fans who do not buy into this “all our yesterdays” man, that the club is stale as month old bread. The players, when they can stay fit, which isn’t often, are not playing heart and soul for the club, Sanchez and Weolbeck excepted. His buying has been little short of awful in recent years ; the prime examples of this bad judgement most recently are Xhaka and Mustafi. He could have bought Alderweirald and Kante for less money instead but chose not to. HIS TACTICS DEFENSIVELY ARE NON EXISTENT. He has no flexibility within games when things go wrong and is constantly outwitted by more thrusting , hungry managers like Conte, Klopp, Pochettino and others too. His use of substitutes are a sick joke, always in the 70th minute. You cannot run a successful team entirely by the stopwatch, whch he believes he can. Frankly, his running of the club goes from bad to worse and we have not had a serius tilt at the Prem title since 20007-8 season when Gallas sulked at Birmingham and we lost all heart (unhelped by Wenger) and lost the title to United by four points , having been five clear in March. Since then no serious tilt at the title and no within ten points of the title . This year , already 19 behind and falling fast. HOW ANYONE CAN WISH TO KEEP HIM IS TO ME QUITE BIZARRE. Until he eventually goes, the club will just drift further and further away from the top rivals. We have not a hope in hell, realistically , of the top four and I predict a bad beating in the semi-final . Enough is enough-and was many years ago- and until he is forced out our club is going nowhere except down the table. FACE FACTS PEOPLE!

  9. I hope the guners get into the top four for ALL. + & Most poss. Another FA CUP FINAL WINNERS 2017. GO THE GUNNERS

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